What to bring to class

Vaccination records

Vaccination records are required for all dogs attending classes. Records must be brought to the first week of class, and must be updated when new vaccinations are given. All vaccinations must be given by a veterinarian, other vaccinations are not accepted.

Puppies under 16 weeks are required to have at least one DHLPPC series two weeks before starting their course, and should be given age appropriate vaccinations following the first series. Puppies enrolled in any outdoor training sessions must have completed their full DHLPPC series prior to class.

Puppies and adult dogs over 16 weeks are required to have current rabies vaccinations at least 24 hours prior to their class. Proof of rabies vaccination must be presented for class.

Owners who come to their first week of class without proof of vaccination will be asked to leave and return the following week.


Leash requirements vary from class to class, with a few consistencies.

Leashes should typically be between 4 and 6 feet long and made of biothane, nylon, or leather. In some classes, 10, 20, or 40 foot leashes may be allowed.

Chain leashes and retractable leashes are not permitted.

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Collars and Harnesses

All classes at KindCanines have the same collar and harness requirements. KindCanines requires Martingale collars and H or Y front harnesses that do not impede movement of the dogs shoulders. Dogs can be fitted for one or both pieces of equipment, but are not required to have both.

KindCanines does not allow prong/pinch collars, chain/choke collars, or any form of electronic/stim collar in class.

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All owners are required to bring their own treats to class every week. Owners should expect to go through anywhere from 20-100 treats throughout their class, and should plan accordingly. All dog-safe treats are permitted, including cheerios, boiled chicken, string-cheese, and commercial dog treats. A variety of treats is encouraged, with multiple value levels.
An example mix is:

1 cup cheerios
1/3 cup dog kibble
1/8 cup dehydrated liver or chicken

Optional items

Treat pouch

Formal treat pouches are not required but are recommended. It is recommended that any treat pouches be firmly attached to the handler, to prevent accidental spills.